To start off, I love what I do. Traditional Art. Marketing. Cover art. Advertising. Posters. Digital Edits. Graphic Design. Logo Design. Writing. Making a fool of myself. These are all things that I’m truly passionate about. Plus, I feel like I’m pretty damn good at them. Especially the last one. ;)


You can find me in Ontario, Canada not skiing. I’m seriously too tall for that. I have a fantastic wife, and two kids I wouldn’t trade for the world. I spend most of my free time in a gym, or a rink, watching or coaching my kids and secretly judging some crazy parents.


As for whom I’ve done work for, and who enjoys my work, it’s all a bit of dream at this point. Having said that, these are genuine people with great hearts. Or else, I wouldn’t work with them.


If you want to talk about working together, or just want to say ‘Hello’, click the contact button on the left. But like I said, this is a passion for me. So if you want to work together, get ready…because I’ll be all in. Plus, I’ll probably be hopped up on Kit Kats and Cherry Coke.





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