This is what you should know about me as an artist, person, and a potential teammate.
I love what I do. Writing, creating, marketing, and designing are things that I’m truly passionate about. To be honest, I enjoy the hard work, too. Plus, I feel like I’m pretty damn good at it.
You can find me in Ontario, Canada not skiing. I’m seriously too tall for that. I have a fantastic wife, and two kids I wouldn’t trade for the world. I spend most of my free time in a gym, or a rink, watching or coaching my kids and secretly judging some crazy parents.
As for whom I’ve done work for, and who enjoys my work, it’s all a bit of dream at this point. Having said that, these are genuine people with great hearts. Or else, I wouldn’t work with them.
If you want to talk about teaming up, or just want to say ‘Hello’, click the button on the left. But like I said, this is a passion for me. So if you want to work together, get ready…because I’ll be all in. Plus, I’ll probably be hopped up on Kit Kats and Cherry Coke.
Thanks for stopping by,
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