Maximum Effort
Various commissioned work for Maximum Effort and their various clients.
Empire Magazine
Commissioned Illustrations for 'Empire Magazine'.
Terry Fox Foundation
Limited edition artwork created with the Terry Fox Foundation in support of their #DearTerry campaign.
Mint Mobile
Various commissioned work for Mint Mobile.
Paramount Pictures
Official work commissioned in partnership with Paramount Pictures.
Storyboard Artwork
Various Commissioned Storyboard Work
20th Century Studios
Official 'Deadpool' work commissioned by 20th Century Studios.
Ryan Reynolds
Private work created for/with, and shared by, Ryan Reynolds across his social media.
Steven Page
Official Album Cover For "Canada Loves You Back"
Milestones Restaurants
Concept, Design, and Hand Modelling (Yes. Hand Modelling) for Milestones Restaurants.
Huge Film
Official work for Director/Writer Patrick Hughes' production company "Huge Film".
Warner Bros.
Official work commissioned by Cine-Museum for Warner Bros Home Video.
Aviation Gin
Various commissioned work for Aviation Gin.
Norman Powell
"Stormin' Norman" Character & T-Shirt design created for NBA Champion Norman Powell of the Toronto Raptors.
"As It Was" Documentary
Alternative Posters for former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher's documentary "As It Was". The posters were done in collaboration with Director/Photographer Charlie Lightening.
Daniel Roby
Official work commissioned in partnership with writer and director Daniel Roby.
Rob Liefeld
"Too Far North" Artwork commissioned by Rob Liefeld.
Entertainment Tonight
My personal work requested and featured December 10, 2019 on 'Entertainment Tonight'.
A selection of my work commissioned by Cabral "Cabbie" Richards for TSN.
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